"Without God - No Bjarnum"

Alltså,, åh. Läste man inlägget jag skrev om Ken (from Canada) nyligen så kommer här en liten fortsättning.
I och med att jag tackade så mycket för vänligheten och blommorna i mailadressen han angav fick jag
precis ett svar från honom.
Nu står det klart för mig att han verkligen är en fin man.

Hej Viktoria,
Your welcome. Your English is very good, much better then my Swedish (Hej - Tack).
I really enjoyed the show, most of the songs were in English so that was nice.
After I talked to you at the supermarket I went to Musikteaterskolan to get a ticket but they told me they were sold out...no ticket for me.
I went to Malmo for the weekend but I never believed there was no ticket, it wasn't possible.
I knew I would see the show - but how?
I went to Bjarnum Sunday and showed up in line, when I got to the lady at the table I said I would like a ticket. She said they were sold out, now at this point you would think I would understand..."THEY ARE SOLD OUT", but wait...the lady in line behind me says "I have a ticket for you", I say "Tack", pay the lady and take my ticket.
There was no one at the church in Bjarnum Sunday morning so I went to Hassleholm. It is a funny thing that even though the worship songs are the same at my home church, exact same music, I am unable to sing them in English, every where I have travelled it is the same, I don't know why. The one song I was able to put English to is a good one..."Open the eyes of my heart Lord, open the eyes of my heart...I want to see you".
What I like most about the Lord is not so much getting the ticket for Viva Las Vegas, I was sure about that, but what makes me say "Lord, you are the best" is the seat - Row 1 Seat 6 ... the right one for me.
It is Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. Canada has Thanksgiving in October. What I realised is Sweden doesn't have a Thanksgiving holiday, but why would they? Thanksgiving is a tradition that started at Plymouth when the Pilgrims gave thanks to God for the bountiful harvest they received. They left Europe for the new world and needed all the help they could get.
Canada also has a holiday all to itself, Victoria Day. It's May 25th and celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday, the reigning Queen at Confederation, the start of a new country.
Anyway, I have decided to give Sweden a new holiday, November 18th ... Viktoria Day, it's the day I met Viktoria Janmicks in Sweden.
How surprised you would be if you knew I was originally going to make it Thanksgiving Day, but I think I will leave that for another time.
Do I take a risk talking to you about God?
I'm not sure but without God - no Bjarnum, no ticket, no Viva Las Vegas and worse yet ... no Viktoria Day.
Take care

Postat av: Mimmi

Wow! Vad roligt Viktoria! Älskar när man stöter på så fina människor. Förstår att du kommer leva på det här ett tag. Jag saknar dig! <3

2011-11-27 @ 22:46:43
URL: http://musicsparadise.blogg.se/
Postat av: Marielle

Men shit vilken kille det verkar vara! Verkar perfekt för dig =D Hoppas du har det bra där nere min kära vän! När får du lov och när kommer du till Uppsala?<3

2011-12-01 @ 09:29:20
URL: http://thisismarielle.se

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